A Bit Above

A Bit Above
Track Song Title
1. EFG
2. Final Rise
3. Justified
4. Makes Me The Happiest
5. What She Thinks
6. A Bit Above
7. Flying Sky High
8. One Life
9. Because I’m Bored
10. Power Shift
11. You’re The One
12. Between You And I
13. From The Shadows
14. Shred And Burn

¬†While this guitar-centric propulsion of quick-fingered rock would be impressive regardless of who those nimble digits belonged to, the fact that these sounds are squealing from the amp of a young lady who is still a few years shy of graduating high school makes it all the more impressive. Also impressive: the fact that these are all original compositions. Perhaps most impressive: the level of dexterity represented within the shifting genres and methods she tackles over the course of these 10 songs.Whether fast (“Power & Force”), slow (“Never Back Down”), acoustic (“Love Her”), or straight up shredding (“Pulse”), she never seems out of her comfort zone. While some young prodigies are content to cover classic rock staples and sacrifice groove and feel for technicality, this is a girl who seems to already have a handle on the way this music ticks. Oh, and she sings, too. While her hands continue to work double overtime. If this hasn’t convinced you, look her up on YouTube. Hit play, get your mind blown, then come back here and get in on the ground floor.~Brad at CD Baby

Power and Force II

Power and Force 2
Track Song Title
1. Power & Force
2. Fretboards on Fire
3. Another Day
4. Never Back Down
5. Pulse
6. Love Her
7. Thru It All
8. Autumn Dreams
9. Broken Machine
10. The Aurora

Power and Force

Power and Force

Album Photo By: Dan Bolton

Track Song Title
1. Crystal Waters
2. Power & Force
3. The Aurora
4. Another Day
5. Broken Machine
6. Thru It All
7. Solo Tribute
8. Pulse
9. Never Back Down
10. Autumn Dreams
11. Love Her
12. Fretboards on Fire